Entrepreneur Academy

Our team of experts can guide everything from business planning and market research to financial modeling and investor relations. We also offer access to our network of mentors, who are successful entrepreneurs themselves and can provide valuable advice and insight.

Preparing You for Success!

The Entrepreneur Academy awaits you! Our academy is a 17-hour business certification course that will offer a series of sessions with information on various topics to train those who are interested in the business world.

Those that attend will learn to:

  • Understand entrepreneurship on a macro and micro level
  • Overcome mental barriers preventing your breakthrough
  • Develop greater confidence and leadership skills
  • Understand and manage financial records and cashflow
  • Identify new funding sources and opportunities
  • Implement proven marketing strategies to obtain qualified clients
  • Connect with a community of success-minded professionals

Through this initiative, we hope to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the region and provide support to entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow their businesses.

The Course

  • Ready to start a business?

    Define Business Concept & Determine Feasibility - During this session, participants will be able to gain an understanding of the skills needed to become an entrepreneur, to learn about a value proposition for a business concept, and to determine its feasibility in regards to their personal circumstances.

  • How do I know if it is the right business?

    Market Research & Competitor's Analysis - Through this session, participants will learn and explore how to perform market research and analyze the competition.

  • Organization and Legal Requirements

    Checklist, Licensing & Insurance - Through this session, participants will go over the Secretary of State Checklist, licensing, and insurance requirements as well as hiring employees.

  • Start-up Costs & Record Keeping

    How do I know how much money I need? Through this session, participants will be able to determine how to calculate Start-up costs and how to keep track of projections and/or cash flow.

  • Access to Capital

    During this session, participants will discover options to access capital for their new or existing business venture(s).

  • Basic Financial Statements

    Understanding the Numbers - Through this session, participants will gain an understanding of the 3 Basic Financial Statements and their importance for their small business.

  • Sales, Marketing & Networking

    During this session, participants will examine the Four P’s of Marketing and how to plan a good sales strategy on a limited budget.

  • Networking, Resources, and Putting All of It Together

    The Business Plan - Through this last session, participants will learn about the power of networking and soft skills, and how these will help them build their personal brand. Also, we will discuss resources available for continuous support, minority certification, and the importance of building a Business Plan/Profile.


Are You Ready for Business?

The Entrepreneur Academy is waiting for you!
Our academy is an entrepreneurship certification course. We offer a series of informational sessions to prepare individuals for the world of entrepreneurship. Through this initiative, we hope to nurture their entrepreneurial and provide support to driven individuals who seek to launch and/or expand business endeavors.


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