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The Transformation Process

Be Heard. Learn. Survive.
We are committed to providing a safe space where you can dream. You are not alone on your journey to becoming You.


We want to know about you.


Participate in a workshop.
Show Up.


Apply what you learned, thrive, and fulfill your dreams.
Take Action.

Entrepreneur Academy - Coming Soon!

The Entrepreneur Academy is an initiative designed to train, motivate, and inspire women, to build their businesses or enhance their existing ones. The academy is based out of Odessa, TX, and hosted by ALAS (Always Learn and Survive). It is funded in part through grants and local sponsors.

The academy will provide a series of informational sessions on various topics that will better prepare individuals to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Through this initiative, we hope to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit and support those seeking to launch and/or expand business endeavors.

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What is YouthMAX?

YouthMAX is a youth leadership curriculum, designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life in four key areas: Stand Up & Be Counted (Stop Bullying), Learning to Fail Forward to Success, Developing a Positive Self-Image, and Developing Strong Personal Character.

"We strive to create change in our community by inspiring and equipping young people to lead themselves and others with character, mutual respect, and integrity."

Who is the John Maxwell Team?

In 2011, John Maxwell created a speaking, training, and coaching program that has trained more than 3000 leaders worldwide to coach, teach, train, and speak about the Maxwell leadership principles. These coaches, teachers, speakers, and professionals will present the YouthMAX training program.

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